Riverton School
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Burlington County's First Kindergarten, 1896
Calvary Presbyterian Church, 1879
Children's Parade, 1897
Christ Episcopal Church, 1855
Church of Christ, Scientist, 1914
Church of the Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church, 1879
Cinnaminson Bank and Trust, 1907
Current Businesses
D Dreer's Nursery, 1873
First Mayor, 1894
The Fishery, 1876
Founding of Riverton, 1851
Friends of Riverton Park, 1992
Friends of the Riverton Public Library, 1960
G Gaslights, 1880
L The Lyceum, 1886
Memorial Park, 1923
Mt. Zion A. M. E. Church, 1909
N New Jersey Congress of Mothers (PTA), 1900
Post Office, 1871
The Porch Club, 1890
Pre-1851: Delaware River
Pre-1851: History of the Land
Railroad Station, 1887
Riverton Country Club, 1901
Riverton Free Library, 1890
Riverton Free Library: Annual Social, 1976
Riverton Public School, 1865
Riverton Public School, 1892
Riverton Public School, 1910
Riverton Public School, 1935
Riverton Public School, WPA Wing Dedicated1936
Riverton Public School, New Wing, 1955
Riverton Public School, 1973
Riverton Public School, Hannah H. Chew School Library, 1933
Riverton  Volunteer Fire Company, 1890
Riverton Yacht Club, 1865
Romance of Riverton, 1926
Treasure Day, 1993
Tree City, USA, 1989
Trolley Line, 1901


Veterans Honor Roll Monument, 1945
Village Votes to Become a Borough, 1893


Williams-Wright Building, 1923

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